An Open-Source Vertcoin Web Wallet Service

The Mobile Web Wallet Service for Vertcoin is based on the popular Bitcoin mobile wallet project Coinpunk, and is 100% Open Source. Learn more here.

Vertcoin Accepted HereFeatures:

  • A simple, responsive interface that works on both your desktop or on your phone
  • Zero Trust Model: Encryption and signing is done in your browser – not on our servers
  • Full support for sending and receiving Vertcoins via QR Codes for when you’re on the go
  • Backup and restore your wallet — for safekeeping or move to your own server
  • Two-Factor authentication supported via Google Authenticator

Because this is an open-source project, if you have the right skillset you can even run your own Vertpunk server instead of relying on us.

Note: Do not use your web wallet as a P2Pool payout address. Click here for details.

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